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Geothermal Drilling

Domestic Projects New & Retro Fit

GeoTech are the leading Geothermal drilling company in the UK. Pioneering the technology and setting the standards for all others to meet. 

With the governments initiative to ban all gas boilers by 2025 in new builds and to replace with alternatives like ground source heat pumps there is no better time to look at how much can be saved. 

Geothermal heating are both energy efficient and eco-friendly. Although Geothermal heat has been used by man for thousands of years, it is only in the last few decades that geothermal has become practical for commercial and residential heating and cooling purposes


With the constant rises in the cost of Oil, Gas and LPG, the economics are now firmly on the side of ground source heat (GSH) systems and making use of this renewable energy source brings the benefits of low cost heating and hot water and also reduces your carbon footprint making it a very popular and sensible thing to invest in! 


Even more so with the government offering to pay you for the next 20 years or so for doing so! The Department of Energy & Climate Change announced in March 2011 that it will pay incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy. This means there will be a subsidy of between £1,500 & £3,500 a year depending on the property size, guaranteed and tax free, index linked, for 7 years or 20 years when two properties share the same borehole array as this is classified as a commercial installation. This incentive makes the payback on investment in a ground source heating system even more attractive. (Correct at time of writing, please check with the Department of Energy & Climate Change before making any decisions)

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